A how-to guide to your maternity leave, your baby’s first year, and your long-term professional goals as a physician and mother 

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            MAMA, MD is a comprehensive website designed to answer the needs of physician-mothers and address the nuances of motherhood in medicine. Co-authored by three successful family physician-moms who specialize in maternal-child health and are active in academic medicine, MAMA, MD is a practical, how-to guide to topics like maternity leave, managing the first year of infancy, and long-term professional goals. In addition to myriad useful tips and reflections, MAMA, MD contains insightful, relevant anecdotes from a large community of physician-mothers, valuable references, and is even in the process of establishing a store. Whether you’re planning to start a family, currently raising children, or further along in your career and interested in mentoring, MAMA, MD is the most valuable resource out there for finding and maintaining the elusive but attainable professional-personal balance of a successful physician-mother.



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