Returning from Maternity Leave

As the final component of your ongoing negotiations, also be sure to discuss the details of your return from maternity leave with your supervisor.  For a variety of reasons, it may be unrealistic for you to return to exactly the same job at the same pace as you were doing before your leave (see below).

Planning and negotiating every aspect of your maternity leave is likely to take more than one meeting.  Once you and your supervisor have reached a consensus, be sure to get the details of that final agreement in writing.  Both you and your supervisor(s) should have a copy.  Having a mutually agreed upon document that covers the general outline of your maternity leave with as many details as possible is useful for many reasons.  Among others, it helps avert misunderstandings and surprises later, allows you to say no to additional requests with confidence, and may serve as a template for your colleagues.  If you are having trouble getting a maternity leave plan in writing, we would suggest that you write up the verbal agreement yourself and then schedule a meeting with your supervisor to review the document in detail.


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