With our sincere gratitude for sharing your stories for the benefits of others.

We think of this project as the ultimate mentoring experience!


  • Heidi Chumley, MD
  • Family Medicine
  • Michelle Daniel, MD
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Marguerite Duane, MD, MHA, FAAFP
  • Family Medicine
  • Julia R. Frew, MD
  • Psychiatry
  • Amy Garlin, MD
  • Internal Medicine / Infectious Disease
  • Amy S. Gottlieb, MD
  • Internal Medicine
  • Kenia Mansilla-Rivera, MD
  • Family Medicine
  • Shannon Tierney McElearney, MD, MS
  • Surgery
  • Christine Montross, MD
  • Psychiatry
  • Elizabeth Nilson, MD, MPH
  • Internal Medicine / Public Health
  • Christine Pecci, MD
  • Family Medicine
  • Catherine Florio Pipas, MD
  • Family Medicine
  • Christine Rayner, MD
  • Psychiatry
  • Emma Simmons, MD, MPH
  • Family Medicine
  • Eleanor Summerhill, MD
  • Internal Medicine / Pulmonology
  • Lynn Taylor, MD
  • Internal Medicine / Infectious Disease
  • Suki Tepperberg, MD, MPH
  • Family Medicine
  • Joanne E. Wilkinson, MD, MSc
  • Family Medicine

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