Flexible Work Hours and Promotion Timelines

Policy changes are needed to support a family-friendly culture with flexibility throughout the career lifespan for both men and women in medicine (Fox, 2006). These changes include increasing options and support for part-time employment during residency, fellowship, clinical practice, and academic medicine. Many different specialties are actively considering the careers of women in their fields (McPhillips, 2007, pediatrics; Clem, 2008, emergency medicine; Angtuaco, 2008, radiology; Mayer, 2001, surgery; Templeton, 2007, orthopedic surgery; and WINS White Paper Committee, 2008, neurosurgery; among others).

Regardless of your stage of training and whether you work full-time or part-time, early morning and dinner time work expectations should be limited. Technology can be leveraged to reduce the number of on-site meetings. Conference calls and videoconferencing are simple interventions that, if used effectively, can have a significant positive impact on physicians’ family time.


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