A Typical Workday

Here is an example of a typical work day for a lactating physician. If you get to work thirty minutes before your first obligation, you can hook up the double pump that’s sitting on your desk into your hand-free nursing bra and pump for twenty to thirty minutes while answering emails or writing or dictating notes. During this time, most women can pump somewhere between two and four ounces from each breast although for some women the volume of milk is more and for others less. When you are done pumping, you place these two bottles in a four-bottle container with an ice pack that will last for the day. Then you go off to your three- or four-hour obligation such as a clinic session or rounds or a case and then you return to your office. At lunchtime, you will again need twenty to thirty minutes to pump two to four ounces from each breast simultaneously. While you are pumping, you could answer emails, do your clinic notes from the morning, or you may have scheduled a phone meeting. If you are on the phone while pumping, you can muffle the sound of the pump by putting a stack of scrubs or a baby blanket over the machine itself. Then you head off to your afternoon obligations. Hopefully, you will be reunited with your infant long before 6:00 pm. You can use the four bottles that you pumped today to feed your baby tomorrow.