If your baby refuses to drink from a bottle as some of the smartest and most stubborn will do, you have a few options. You can either go home to nurse or have someone bring the baby to you once or even several times during the day. While both of these options are wonderful ways for you and your baby to be together, they are also logistically impossible to sustain. So instead offer your baby a bottle several times a day. You can also try different nipples because sometimes a baby will refuse one brand but be able to easily feed with a different brand or even the same brand with a different rate of flow. It is really an experiment, the results of which will be different for each child. We have no brand loyalty. You can also try dipping the nipple in apple juice before offering it to your baby to make it more palatable. If none of these suggestions work, your fallback is a device known as the Breastbottle, a bottle that literally looks and feels like an actual breast (ordering information in the resource section).


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