Transition and Test Run

Finally, you may be faced with an excellent breastfeeder of a baby (which was the whole goal so congratulations!) who refuses anything but your actual breasts as a source of nutrition. This situation is very anxiety provoking for women preparing to return to work and even more so for the person or people who will be caring for your baby when you, or more specifically, your breasts, are not around. Based on our collective experience, you cannot just feed your baby a bottle of breast milk for the first time the day before you go back to work and expect a smooth transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding pumped breast milk. Instead you must start introducing one bottle a day for at least two weeks before you return to work. That first bottle is a big deal and should be given by someone other than you. In fact, this feeding activity is likely to go better if you are not there at all. You want to give this bottle of warm milk to a hungry but not a starving (read mad) infant.


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